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Praying The Rosary With Saint Paul
by Thigpen, Paul
Introducing a fresh, new way of praying the Rosary!This new and unique perspective on praying the Rosary with Saint Paul adds a fresh dimension to everyone's understanding of this essential prayer of the Faith. It weaves thoughtfully chosen quotations from the Pauline letters with the strands of the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries. Brief reflections on the contemporary impact o... read more

Our Price: $18.00

Seven Sorrows Rosary Booklet With Immaculée
by Ilibagiza, Immaculee
Immaculée invites you to pray the rosary of the Seven Sorrows given by
Our Lady to the visionary, Marie Claire. Included in this prayer booklet
are the meditations and prayers given by the "Mother of the Word" on
each Sorrow. Our Blessed Mother is asking for this prayer, which has existed in the Church since the 13th century, to be prayed once again by
the faithful. Our Lady of K... read more

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Mission Rosary (mutlicolour,plastic)
Made in Italy
A Mission rosary has a different colour for each decade in order to pray for different parts of the world.
Green decade:Africa:for an end to war and violence and for the peaceful growth of the young African Church
Red decade: The Americas: for continued promotion of God's kingdom of justice, love and peace
White decade: Europe: for the faith to be preserved and spread read more

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Complete Still Water Rosary CD

Plastic Rosary: Luminous

Champions of the Rosary: The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon



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