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The Theology of History in Saint Bonaventure
by Ratzinger, Cardinal

St. Bonaventure's love of wisdom was intimately related to his love
of God—so much so that he is called the "Seraphic Doctor" for the ardor
that accompanied his great mind. What does this sort of mind have to
say about the history of man, a topic long dear to Christian thinkers,
especially owing to the Incarnation and the expectation of the Second
Coming?In this academic ... read more

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Handing on the Faith in an Age of Disbelief
Book by Ratzinger, Cardinal
Why does it seem so hard to transmit the Catholic faith today? What are the obstacles that hinder modern men, women, and children from hearing and embracing the Gospel? Are science, technology, and mass media at odds with Christianity? Are new teaching methods helping to solve the crisis in catechesis or making matters worse? How can the Church do a better job of handing on her precious patrimony ... read more

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The Ratzinger Report
by Ratzinger, Cardinal
Joseph Ratzinger, 58 years old, German, renowned theologian,
Cardinal Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the
Faith (the former Holy Office), which is the most important Vatican
curial office, charged with the preservation and promotion of Catholic
Vittorio Messori, 44 years of age, a writer and journalist whose books of religious essays are world-wide ... read more

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Salt of the Earth

Introduction to Catechism

Blessing Of Christmas



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