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Marriage and the Common Good
Book by Whitehead, Kenneth D
This volume consists of the addresses delivered to the 22nd Annual Convention of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars held in Chicago in September 1999. Each chapter includes a discussion of one of the major themes related to the contemporary question of marriage and the common good expounded by a competent senior scholar, followed by a response on the same subject by a younger scholar. The end res... read more

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The Mathematical Analysis of Logic
Book by Boole, George
George Boole (1815-1864) is renowned as the first logician to apply algebraic methods to logic successfully. His Mathematical Analysis of Logic, first published in 1847, was the ground-breaking work that laid the foundations for what is known today as Boolean algebra and the propositional calculus. Written in response to the altercation between Sr. William Hamilton and Augustus de Morgan over the ... read more

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Making: The Proper Habit of Our Being: Essays Speculative, Reflective, Argumentative
Book by Montgomery, Marion
A postive engagement of the complementary dimensions of intellect that St. Thomas calls the intellectus (intuitive) and the ratio (rational), Making enlarges the concept of making as that capacity to our nature as persons whereby we exercise stewardship in the world. Demanding and provocative, Making examines significant levels of "disorientation of intellect" in the modern world. Marion Montgom... read more

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Neo-Scholastic Essays

Morality The Catholic View

Mill and Religion: Contemporary Responses to Three Essays on Religion (Key Issues Series)

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Let's Read Latin book, plus Audio cassette. Cassette outdated so hugely discounted but the book is still great value.
Booklet by McInerny, Ralph M
Comes with cassette.... read more

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