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Shakespearean Variations
Book by McInerny, Ralph M
While it will seem the height of arrogance to write variations on Shakespeare’s sonnets, the attempt induces humility and an even deeper regard for the bard of Avon. In Shakespearean Variations, Ralph McInerny takes the first lines of the sonnets and their end rhymes, and composes sonnets of his own. The formal structure of the sonnet has always provided a salutary discipline for the poet – iambic... read more

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Ockham's Theory of Propositions: Part II of the Summa Logicae
Book by Loux, Michael J
In this work Ockham proposes a theory of simple predication, which he then uses in explicating the truth conditions of progressively more complicated kinds of propositions. His discussion includes what he takes to be the correct semantic treatment of quantified propositions, past tense and future tense propositions, and modal propositions, all of which are receiving much attention from contemporar... read more

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Natural Law: Reflections on Theory and Practice
Book by Maritain, Jaques
Can there be universal moral principles in a culturally and religiously diverse world? Are such principles provided by a theory of natural law? Jacques response to both questions is "yes."
These essays, selected from the writings of one of the most influential philosophers of the past hundred years, provide a clear statement of Maritain’s theory of natural law and natural rights. Maritain’s ... read more

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Philosophy and the Arts: Seeing and Believing (Bristol Introductions Series , No 4)

Outlines of a Philosophy of Art: 1925 Edition

Objective Idealism, Ethics, and Politics

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Thomist Realism and the Critique of Knowledge
by Gilson, Etienne
The highly regarded French philosopher, Étienne Gilson, brilliantly plumbs the depths of Thomistic Realism, and false Thomisms as well, in this answer to Kantian modernism. The important work, exquisitely translated by Mark Wauck, brings the essential elements of philosophy into view as a cohesive, readily understandable, and erudite structure, and does so rigorously in the best tradition of St. T... read more

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