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Our Sunday Visitor, a Catholic not-for-profit organization, began with the vision of one young Indiana parish priest shortly after the turn of the century. Then-Father John Francis Noll had grown weary of the anti-Catholic literature flooding his people so he began to write a parish bulletin. From his work as a defender of the Faith grew one of the most successful weekly Catholic newspaper -- Our Sunday Visitor.

Today, Our Sunday Visitor is located in a small town -- Huntington -- in northeastern Indiana, just 20 miles south of Fort Wayne and is home to 300 employees. Our Sunday Visitor publishes and markets over 500 products including books, tapes, software, and education materials.

As a not-for-profit company, Our Sunday Visitor serves the Church not only with its products and services, but also by returning all of its net earnings to the Catholic community.  Through the Our Sunday Visitor Institute, Catholic projects throughout the United States are funded, particularly those that seek to address religious illiteracy, contribute to the evangelization of the culture, link faith and morality, especially to young people, and explain and promote the dignity of the human person.

Know, Love And Live The Catholic Faith
by Pollard, Rev. John E.
Where do you begin to learn more about the beliefs of the Catholic Church if you have little or no education in these truths? Where do you turn if you were raised a Catholic but your knowledge of the Church and its doctrine is less than you want it to be?
Know, Love, and Live the Catholic Faith presents authentic teaching in a way that's simple to understand without being simplistic. It uses a... read more

Our Price: $28.95

Truth For Your Mind, Love For Your Heart
by McBride, Alfred
Truth for Your Mind, Love for Your Heart - Satisfying Your Hunger for God by Fr. Alfred McBride Fr. Alfred McBride, for the first time in his long and distinguished career, links doctrine with the devotional life of the ordinary Catholic in this groundbreaking work. Each chapter of the book intertwines a Catholic teaching with the witness of a saint or other exemplary person to show that faith liv... read more

Our Price: $25.00

The Journey of Faith
by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J
We live in a time of constant crisis, of anxiety anf insecurity. We are unsure of who and what to trust, no matter how anchored and seemingly untouchable the source.
The Catholic Church is certainly no stranger to this controversy, and for many people it is the very source of one's crisis. For all these reasons, we ask ourselves the haunting question, "Why do we believe?"
Father Benedict J... read more

Our Price: $19.00


Praying In The Presence of Our Lord For Children

Take Five: Meditations With Pope Benedict XVI

Saint Damien Of Molokai - Apostle Of The Exiled

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What The Church Teaches About Sex
by Fastiggi, Robert L.

Featured in Fidelity
Despite the outcome of a world wounded by sexual exploitation and addiction, there is room for hope through the reasonableness and goodness of Catholic sexual morality.
Beginning with a thorough survey of the Church’s historic attitude toward human sexuality, author Robert Fastiggi proceeds to discuss contemporary hot buttons of sexuality: including pornography, h... read more

Our Price: $28.00



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