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Arise from Darkness -Video cassette pal
Video - pal by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J
Double pal Video of Fr. Benedict Groeschel speaking about the meaning of life, the faith, and coping with hardship and suffering - drastically reducedIf you still have a video player - Great value!!... read more

Our Price: $10.00

The Baby Terminators - Video
VHS Video
Should rape babies be aborted?Politians and public have been conned into accepting abortion - hear it from those who conned them.Leading doctors tell why they have changed their minds on abortion. Learn what abortion really kills (from an abortionist). Children who doctors said should have been aborted, speak out. Women who have had abortions tell the price they paid. What is the link between evol... read more

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Life Issues - Medical Choices
by Smith&Kaczor
Professor Janet Smith and Christopher Kaczor, Ph.D., are well known for their bioethics books, articles, and presentations. Their collaboration here offers guidelines for health care providers and individuals faced with an array of medical-ethical choices. Content is based on fundamental principles of Church teaching, where available, and on the thinking of moral theologians in areas of developing... read more

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When You Love A Functional Alcoholic

Unaborted Socrates

Redeeming Grief

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A Little Book of Consolation
by Coombs, David
This thoughtful compilation of prayers, reflections, hymns and scripture
brings a great message of Christian hope and consolation into the human
and spiritual void experienced by those recently bereaved. Each chosen
prayer and reading provides the sense of divine love and mystery that
lies at the heart of the human encounter with grief and loss. The reader
can browse easily, in... read more

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