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Sea Within
by Kreeft, Peter
Peter Kreeft isnít just another major Renaissance man. Author of dozens
of works in theology, philosophy, and logic, including a unique series
of books designed to introduce major philosophers using the Socratic
Method, Kreeft also created Socratic Logic, from St.
Augustineís Press, a non-symbolic logic text that bills itself as using
Socratic method, Platonic questions, and Ar... read more

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Heaven (But Never Dreamed of Asking)
Book by Kreeft, Peter
In the style of C. S. Lewis, Kreeft provides an unexcelled look at the nature of Heaven that offers readers a refreshingly clear, theologically sound, and always fascinating glimpse of that "undiscovered country." Kreeft's engaging and informative account thoughtfully answers intriguing questions about heaven that speaks to the mind and heart. ... read more

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Fundamentals of the Faith
Book by Kreeft, Peter
Kreeft considers all the fundamental elements of Christianity and Catholicism, explaining, defending and showing their relevance to our life and the world's yearnings: Here is a book to help you understand your faith more fully and to explain it to others more winningly.
Like every religion, this faith has three aspects, corresponding to the three parts of the soul and filling the innate needs ... read more

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Ecumenical Jihad: Ecumenism and the Culture War

Christianity for Modern Pagans: Pascal's Pensees

Heaven - The Heart's Deepest Longing

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How To Be Holy: The First Steps In Becoming A Saint
Book by Kreeft, Peter

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The ever-popular and prolific Peter Kreeft says that the most important question he has written about is how one becomes holy; or to put it another way, how one becomes a saint. This question is central to all the great religions... read more

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