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Heaven - The Heart's Deepest Longing
Book by Kreeft, Peter
Examining the hunger for heaven that is so strong in all of us, Heaven thoroughly explores the psychological, philosophical and theological dimensions of this search for total joy and for the ultimate reality that grounds it. ... read more

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by Faber, Fr FW

Featured in Fidelity
Is Purgatory almost like Hell? Or is it a place of peace and even joy? The fa-mous Fr. Faber explains both of these classic Catholic views of Purgatory, bas-ing his discussion on Catholic teaching and the revelations of saintly souls, especially St. Catherine of Genoa, in her Treatise on Purgatory.
This now famous work (extracted from his All For Jesus) is both so... read more

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The Biblical Basis For Purgatory
by Salza,John
taught us about it, and for centuries the Church has faithfully defined
and defended it. Protestants deny it even exists, while many Catholics
fundamentally misunderstand it. It is Purgatory: that place of
purifying penance where souls saved by Christ are made perfect and
acceptable to spend life eternal in heaven. In The Biblical
Basis for Purgatory, author and apologist... read more

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Life Everlasting: A Theological Treatise on the Four Last Things

Heaven Hell & Purgatory

Life After Death: The Evidence



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