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We Didn't Mean To Start A School
by Blythe, Julia
Jeannie and Geraldine were excited to be moving house and going to a new school - but then a surprise visit from their aunt meant that everything changed. Aunt Win, a teacher, had suddenly been left a big old hotel that she couldn't sell. And she had pupils in Switzerland waiting for her to start a course of private English lessons, and a soldier husband who was about to lead a big expedition to A... read more

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by McAdam, Claudia Cangilla
Fear drives me forward as I rush down a rocky path in Jerusalem, trying
to sort things out even as dusk makes it harder to hurry. Am I
really an American girl, cast back to the time of Jesus? Or a
delusional Jewish teen, plagued with visions of a place called America,
thousands of years in the future? I don't know anymore. But I do know that something awful is about to happen to my J... read more

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The Novice's Tale
by Frazer, Margaret
is the year of Our Lord's grace 1431, and the nuns of England's St.
Frideswide sweetly chant their Paternosters behind gracious, trellised
walls. But their quiet lives are shattered by the unwelcome viist of
the hard-drinking, blaspheming dowager Lady Ermentrude, with her
retinue of lusty maids and men, baying hounds, and even a pet monkey in
tow. The lady demands wine, a feas... read more

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Windswept house

Bleeder - Miracle or Murder?

Crossbows & Crucifixes: A Novel of the Priest Hunters and the Brave Young Men Who Fought Them



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