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St Mary Magdalene Leaflet
Each leaflet in this series measures 8 x 13.5 cm when folded, and
features the biographical details, patron attributes and feast day of
the saint.
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Our Price: $3.30

Wonder of the Eucharist
by Barker, Fr. Ken
The Wonder of the Eucharist is for all Catholics, especially those who want to refresh their personal appreciation of this sacrament. It stimulates us to break out of the routine and formality of ritual practices, and to discover the wonderful treasure of the Eucharist which can transform our lives.
Once again, Fr Ken Barker has drawn on the breadth of the Catholic tradition and his own deep st... read more

Our Price: $25.00

Meditations For Lent
by Bossuet, Bishop
Lent is hard, and it's so frustrating when we lose focus and
surrender to our weaknesses time and time again. That's why all the
great saints encouraged meditation as a sure-fire way to place yourself
in God's presence and grow closer to Him. Through meditation, we take
our eyes off ourselves, and we walk faithfully in the hands of God.There
is no better time to begin—or to ren... read more

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Eucharistic Miracles

Truth For Your Mind, Love For Your Heart

God Love You



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