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About Bioethics - Philosophical And Theological Approaches
by Tonti-Filippini, Nicholas
Policy in Bioethics develops when people can reach agreement. We make progress when we listen to each other. About Bioethics, as the first of a series, explains the different secular and theological approaches to Bioethics, seeking to identify strengths as well as weaknesses because it is the strengths that produce good policy. In each case the assumptions and structure of the moral reasoning a... read more

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Learning to Love at the School of John Paul II and Benedict XVI
by Melina, Livio
Translated by Joel WallacePaperbackPublication Date: Mid JulyISBN: 978-1-921421-82-2Blessed John Paul II wrote in his first encyclical, "Nothing is as important to know as love..." In the truth written into the heart of each person is found an intimate call to the "gift of self" revealed fully in Christ. Learning to love at the School of John Paul II and Benedict XVI is a profound introduction... read more

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Streams Of Grace
by Porteous, Bishop Julian
Streams of Grace, explores the history of the Church by considering the various spiritual movements which have revitalised the Church at particular times and given fresh vigour to its life and mission.Bishop Porteous argues that the heart of the many and varied spiritual movements that have shaped the Catholic Church is the mysterious activity of the Holy Spirit. Often the Spirit has acted in surp... read more

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The New Evangelisation

Pure Attraction: a Guide to Human Sexuality

Australian Essays

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The Education of Dr Joe
Book by Santamaria,Joe
Remembering past experiences that left him with a lasting impression, and with more time available for musing, Joseph Santamaria, in his amusing way, describes episodes in his life that shaped his lifestyle and social development.
Keen to pass on to his children their origin and culture, Sanatamaria's memories are vivid with considerable but truthful embellishments.
In the 100th year since t... read more

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