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Benedict XVI: An Intimate Portrait
Book by Seewald, Peter
In the person of Pope Benedict XVI, one of the most significant of Europe's intellectuals is heading-up the Vatican. The journalist Peter Seewald, who has known Ratzinger since 1992, conducted the "longest interviews in church history" with him, for two books which were best-sellers world-wide, Salt of the Earth, God and the World.
Now he describes these intensive encounters in detail for th... read more

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Letters From Hades
The Catholic Church is today in a state of crisis, although by no means for the first time in her long and amazing history. Her authority to teach and govern in the name of Christ, which she can claim by divine mandate, is being contested, not only by those outside her fold but also by many calling themselves Catholics.
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God's Revolution: World Youth Day and Other Cologne Talks
Book by Benedict XVI
Benedict XVI continues to astound people. In Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, they were told, the world was getting "God's Rottweiler" as Pope. Now, after Benedict's first encyclical, Deus Caritas Est or "God is Love", many people are wondering if he isn't really the "Love Pope."
God's Revolution by Benedict XVI (Ignatius Press, 2006), the collection of his World Youth Day talks and other addr... read more

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Heart Speaks Unto Heart

The Early Papacy

The Gift of Infallibility

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Benedict XVI
by Hemming, Laurence Paul
The Pope is not only the living guarantor of his own office but also of the unity of the whole Catholic Church. Joseph Ratzinger was, for almost all of John Paul II's papacy, the next most influential figure in the Catholic Church. Experienced, and with a formidable intellect, it is entirely right that he should now serve the Church as Pope, a man trusted and pre-eminent among the Cardinals.
B... read more

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