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Surprised By Canon Law 2
Canon law--could it possibly have any relevance to your life? More than you might think. This legal system that governs the day-to-day workings of the Roman Catholic Church deals with matters that touch the life of every Catholic.
The authors follow up their successful first book - Surprised by Canon Law: 150 questions Catholics ask about Canon Law - with answers to even more questions:
- Ca... read more

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Memorize The Faith!
Book by Vost,Kevin
"They laughed when I said I could name all 27 books of the New Testament . . . but after I named them all in order, plus the 46 books of the Old Testament, they begged me to show them how I did it.Ē
Yes, I know that memorizing the Faith is no substitute for living a holy life, but even devout people canít live by truths and precepts they donít remember.
Thatís why, over 700 years ago, St. ... read more

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Ask A Franciscan
by McCloskey, Pat OFM
No one knows better what questions Catholics ask than Franciscan Father
Pat McCloskey, who, for years, has heard people's questions and then
responded in his Ask a Franciscan column in the award-winning St.
Anthony Messenger magazine.Father Pat has mined the many
questions he has received and collected them in this book, with the hope
that readers will see the connection betwee... read more

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The Bad Catholic's Guide To The Catechism

Springtime of Evangelization

To the Church in America



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