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Christianity, Democracy, And The American Ideal
Book by Maritain, Jaques

Why democracy needs Christianity

Some Americans claim we should exclude Christian values from the public square. On the contrary, argues philosopher Jacques Maritain, good Christians make good citizens.
They live by gospel values: honesty, integrity, and compassion. They obey the law. They resist the selfishness that unbelief and materialism breed. And they subordinat... read more

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Nothing to Hide: Secrecy, Communication, and Communion in the Catholic Church
Book by Shaw, Russell
Shaw, widely known Catholic writer, speaker and former communications director for the U S Bishops, discusses the abuse of secrecy in the Church, the scandals it has caused and the serious problem of mistrust that exists in the credibility of the Church. Not concerned with the legitimate secrecy that is necessary to protect confidentiality and people's reputations, Shaw is rather concerned here wi... read more

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Christians for Freedom: Late-Scholastic Economics

Responses to 101 Questions on Catholic Social Teaching

For God And Profit: How Banking And Finance Can Serve The Common Good



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