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Salt of the Earth
by Ratzinger, Cardinal
An Exclusive Interview on the State of the Church at the End of the Millennium: Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) with Peter Seewald Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, well-known Vatican prelate and head of the Congregation on the Doctrine of the Faith, gives a full-length interview to a secular journalist on a host of controversial and difficult issues facing Catholicism and Christianity ... read more

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No Place for God: The Denial of the Transcendent in Modern Church Architecture
Book by Doorly, Moyra
Once modern science declared the emptiness and meaninglessness of a strictly material universe, it was only a matter of time before architects would adopt the new understanding of space, that is to say that no space is special because none is any different or better than any other.
In their quest to adapt to and speak to the present age, Catholics over the last forty years have unquestioningly ... read more

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God's Human Face: The Christ Icon

Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way

Pilgrim Fellowship Of Faith: The Church As Communion



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