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About Bioethics: Caring for People who are Sick or Dying
by Tonti-Filippini, Nicholas

We will all die, but few of us discuss it with those who are important
to us. Many will also be confronted by disability, illness, grief and
loss. How we respond to suffering says much about empathy, love and who we are. There is no doubt many people have
much to endure, but illness and disability are not all doom and gloom,
just different, and calling on us, perhaps, to surren... read more

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Called by Love: Reflections on Discipleship
Book by Miller, John H
"Why am I here? Who is Jesus? Why the Church? What is love? Me a saint?"
These thought-provoking questions have been asked, and will be asked by all people, especially those seeking to be true disciples of Christ in a complex society.
Father Miller offers reflections on these and other timely topics, inviting us to meet the challenges that discipleship offers us; he also reminds us th... read more

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Book by Jebb, Philip
In this rare book of understanding and sympathy for the widowed, Dom Philip Jebb touched on may of the pratical problems that loom large in those early days of widowhood, and can often continue long after. But, more than just a practical guide, the author discusses the issues in the contect of a balanced spiritual background.
This little book is so remarkable that the donor will find in it a w... read more

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About Bioethics - Philosophical And Theological Approaches

Comfort For the Sick & Dying: And for those who love them

Rebuild My Church

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Heart Of The Christian Life
by Benedict XVI
"Christ is truly present among us in the Eucharist. His presence is not static. It is a dynamic presence that grasps us, to make us his own, to make us assimilate him. Christ draws us to himself, he makes us come out of ourselves to make us all one with him. In this way he also integrates us in the communities of brothers and sisters, and communion with the Lord is always also communion with our ... read more

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