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Battle for the American Church
by Kelly, Mgr George
Fifteen years after his eye-opening book, The Battle for the American Church revealed what Monsignor Kelly called a "guerrilla-type warfare going on inside the American Church", he now revisits that battle within the Catholic Church and the struggle to change its mission, its nature and its Gospel.... read more

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Being Catholic: How We Believe
by Pilarczyk, Daniel

A bishop is not only a spiritual shepherd but a teacher. In Being Catholic Archbishop Pilarczyk teaches in clear, concise language the basic beliefs and practices of Catholics and what shapes a Catholic's thinking. The book discusses:HOW WE BELIEVE: Believing Catholic is a matter of knowing, understanding and responding to a story the true story of God s love for us. It offers the fund... read more

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Reasonable Pleasures: The Strange Coherence of Catholicism
by Schall, Fr James SJ

The fact of pleasure is obvious to us, but its relation to reason is
less understood. We are beings who laugh and run, sing and dance, but
we too seldom reflect on why we do these things. Above all, we are
beings who think and who want to know whether our lives make sense.

In this thought-provoking study of the relationship between our reason
and our experience of ... read more

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The Courage to Be Catholic: Crisis, Reform and the Future of the Church (Paperback)

Letters to a Young Catholic

We're on a Mission from God



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