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Christ Denied: Origin of the Present Day Problems in the Catholic Church
Book by Wickens, Paul
At last! An expose of who caused the turmoil in the Church today. Names names. The author is a busy parish priest who was so concerned he just had to write this book.... read more

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What It Means To Be Catholic
by Champlin,Mgr Joseph M.
In this beautifully illustrated and photographed book, best-selling author Msgr. Joseph Champlin explores the major teachings and observances of the Catholic tradition: history, worship, prayer, sacraments, faith, moral issues, community and more. Each of the 12 chapters opens with a true story that highlights a common challenge of everyday life. Using these incidents as a springboard, Msgr. Champ... read more

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JH Newman A Resource for Today
CD 1 - Newman and Inner Personal life
Dr Thomas Norris: Newman's SpiritualityDr Teresa Iglesias: Newman on our conscience and our cultureChair - Ms Breda O'Brien, Respondent - Dermot Mansfield SJ
CD 2 - Higher Education In Our Culture
Dr Enda McDonagh: Newman, Theology and the UniversityDr Joseph Dunne: Newman and the Educated PersonChair - Dr Linda Hogan, Respondent - Dr Bill Matthews read more

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Will Catholics Be Left Behind: A Critique of the Rapture and Today's Prophecy Preachers

Being Catholic: How We Believe

Reasonable Pleasures: The Strange Coherence of Catholicism



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