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Lent With The Saints
by Midgley, JB
The forty days of Lent provide Christians, and those preparing for baptism, with an intense period of preparation for the ‘Feast of Feasts’, Easter, the ‘Passover of the Lord’. This collection of sayings and meditations dwells on the central Lenten themes of prayer, conversion, repentance, fasting, almsgiving, and self-denial, as lived from apostolic times until the present day This little compani... read more

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Spiritual Works of Mercy CTS
by Grogan, Msgr Paul
Most Christians want to live an active faith yet feel perplexed about
how to do so. The seven interconnected ‘spiritual works of mercy’ come
to our aid: counselling the doubtful; instructing the ignorant;
admonishing sinners; comforting the afflicted; forgiving offences;
bearing wrongs patiently; and praying for the living and the dead
.Through such acts of mercy we can respond... read more

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Year of Mercy leaflet
Pope Francis has declared 2015-16 to be a ‘Year of Mercy’. It is
important for each of us to start out on this journey together. Learn
here about the purpose, message and activities of this special year, and
how you and your parish can become involved. Above all Pope Francis is
calling each one of us, whoever we are, whatever our circumstances, to
stand in the truth and taste G... read more

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Is Jesus Really Present In Euc

The Miraculous Medal

Christian Fasting: Disciplining The Body, Awakening The Spirit

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by Sutton, Agneta
As infertility rates among couples increase so do the lengths to which people will go to have children. In this booklet Agneta Sutton looks at the Church's teaching in the area of medically assisted conception, exploring the effects of modern treatments on the couple and the child.CTS Explanations is a series explaining in everyday language Catholic
teaching on a range of current pressing moral... read more

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