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Explaining Islam: Islam From A Catholic Perspective
by Gaskell, JM
There are over one billion Muslims in the world today. In Britain
Muslims now outnumber Methodists.This booklet examines the historical
background to the rise of Islam in seventh century Arabia and its
subsequent expansion throughout the Middle East, North Africa and much
of Asia, as well as answering the most important questions about Islamic
belief and practice from a Catholi... read more

Our Price: $7.00

New Catholic Bible: Compact Edition
by God
Ė Confused about which Bible to choose? Ė Bewildered by all the
different choices? Here is a Bible tailor-made for every Catholic. It
will lead you through the exact same English texts that the Church uses
at each Mass, with brand-new notes and introductions edited by Vatican
expert Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB. CTS has created four carefully
thought-out editions to suit every need... read more

Our Price: $30.00

CTS Explanations - Contraception And Chastity
by Anscombe, Elizabeth
Contraception and Chastity ws first published by CTS in 1975. Its fresh and incisive defence of the Church's teaching has many to appreciate the reasons for that teaching.CTS Explanations is a
series explaining in everyday language Catholic teaching on a range of
current pressing moral and ethical issues. This booklet has been
produced with the Linacre Centre, the leading Catholic centre ... read more

Our Price: $7.00


Teresa of Avila

Beautiful Bedtime Stories with Mary

Salvifici Doloris (On Human Suffering)

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Companion To The Passion Of Our Lord
by Midgley, JB
This retelling and reflection on the passion of Christ will help readers to appreciate the immensity of Christís sacrifice, particularly in the Eucharist.
The lucid opening sections set the scene, exploring the need for Christís controversial mission, his death and resurrection, and their impact on us today.... read more

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