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A Heart For Europe
by Bogle, Joanna J
The story of the last Emperor and Empress of Austria-Hungary is a romantic tale of courage and faith.
Blessed Charles of Austria was the last Habsburg ruler of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, beatified in 2004 by Pope John Paul II. The late Pope was himself formerly bishop in the once Habsburg-ruled city of Cracow, and his baptismal name “Karol” (meaning Charles) was given in memory of the late E... read more

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Pope Francis

A short biography of the new Holy Father.Amidst
the many media reports on the newly elected bishop of Rome and his
possible effect on the Church, it is easy to lose sight of who he is and
where he really came from. This booklet gives you the facts.In
the brief time that the newly elected Pope Francis spent on the Balcony
of St Peter’s to gre... read more

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Saint Francis of Assisi
by Gobry,Ivan
He has inspired countless films, paintings, poems and novels. But who was Francesco Bernadone, now known as Saint Francis of Assisi? Despite the wealth of writing on the life of this great saint, many still don’t know the man. They know the legend: a Francis made palatable to modern sensibilities—the happy friar who carols to the birds and writes poems to the sun and moon. This is the image of the... read more

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Bells of Saint Mary's

Edmund Campion

Santamaria: A Most Unusual Man

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Gem from the Diamond Mine
by Fliche, Mgr.

Featured in Fidelity
This book, compiled and translated from the French by Mgr. Fliche, chronicles the holy life of the Venerable Sr. Margaret Parigot and her devotion to the infant Jesus as well as the evidence being presented in the ongoing cause for her beatification.
From a very young age Sister Margaret had a great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament When she went to church as a si... read more

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