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New Catholic Bible: Compact Edition
by God
– Confused about which Bible to choose? – Bewildered by all the
different choices? Here is a Bible tailor-made for every Catholic. It
will lead you through the exact same English texts that the Church uses
at each Mass, with brand-new notes and introductions edited by Vatican
expert Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB. CTS has created four carefully
thought-out editions to suit every need... read more

Our Price: $30.00

John Vol 1
by Von Speyer, Adrienne
The first of von Speyr's scriptural commentaries, focusing on her reflections on the first five chapters of John and the beginning of the public life of Our Lord. She shares moving meditations on such profound and dramatic scenes as the witness of John the Baptist, the call of the disciples, the wedding at Cana, the cleansing of the money-changers in the temple, the Samaritan woman, etc. The combi... read more

Our Price: $41.50

Gospel Cameos 2 - Disciples
by Falconer, Fr. V.I., SJ
In these cameos, the characters tell their stories in the first person. Each cameo is approximately fifteen minutes' duration.
On this CD:
1: Bartimeus of Jericho
2: Judas
3: Nicodameus
4: Zaccheus... read more

Our Price: $5.50


Pocket New Testament and Psalms

Mission of the Messiah: On the Gospel of Luke

John: The Discourses of Controversy: Meditations on John 6-12, Vol. 2

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Gospel According to Mark
Mark's gospel, from the Jerusalem Bible translation.Mark’s gospel was written for gentile Christians, and is widely
considered to be the most ancient of the four gospels. It is not known
exactly who Mark was but his gospel has been linked with the teaching of
the Apostle Peter. Mark's is the shortest and easiest to read of the
gospels but often the most pithy and vibrant introducti... read more

Our Price: $5.00



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