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Question Time
by Flader, Fr John
Those Hard Questions - ANSWERED in a new book by Father John Flader.In Question Time, Fr Flader draws on more than 40 years of experience in handing on the faith to answer 150 questions on everything Catholic: doctrine, the sacraments, moral life, prayer and devotions. The answers were originally published in Sydney’s The Catholic Weekly between 2005 and 2007, and since mid-2007 they have also app... read more

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A More Perfect Way
by Jones, Alex
Catholic convert and former Pentecostal pastor Alex Jones preaches on the splendour of the Catholic faith in three powerful talks: 'Trail Of Thorns' on the mystery of suffering', "The Kiss Of Reconciliation' in God's love and forgiveness, and 'A More Perfect Way' on the beauty and power of the sacraments.What you'll discover...Why God's love does not keep us from sufferingHow Jesus sanctified suf... read more

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Case for Christianity
Book by Robert Haddad
St. Justin Martyr's arguments for Religious liberty and judicial justice.... read more

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Paradise Paradigm-Genesis 1, 2 and 3

Is Jesus Really Present In Euc

Peter: The Rock, The Keys, The Chair

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Who is The Greatest
by Pacwa, Fr Mitch
Father Pacwa offers a deeper insight into the Muslim teachings on Jesus and the Holy Spirit and discusses the historical and cultural basis for such teaching. Father Pacwa also analyses the foreshadowing of the life of Jesus in the Old Testament and the role of the Old Testament in the teachings of Islam. Filmed at Saint Charbel's church in Punchbowl, Sydney, before a crowd of almost one thousand ... read more

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