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Adventures in Orthodoxy - The Marvels of the Christian Creed and the Audacity of Belief
by Longnecker, Dwight
Watch out, Chesterton and C.S. Lewis! Here’s a writer as clear . . . and as exciting!
Christians often find the Creed as tedious as a contract, and orthodoxy dull as dirt. In these lively pages — written for Christians and non-Christians alike — Dwight Longenecker shows that, on the contrary, orthodoxy is exciting and the Creed the beginning of a grand, mysterious adventure! Longenecker demons... read more

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Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead? Questions About The Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus
Book by Olson, Carl E.
Major feature films such The Passion of the Christ and Risen, and books such as Bill O'Reilly's Killing Jesus raise many questions about one of the greatest controversies in history--what really happened to the crucified body of Jesus of Nazareth?

This book uses a question-and-answer format to examine the historical evidence concerning the fate of Jesus. Did Jesus really die on the ... read more

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Second Exodus
Book by Barrack, Martin K
From beginning to end, Barrack's zest for the Catholic Church shines through, as does his love for his Jewish brethren. He aptly demonstrates that the Jew who becomes Catholic is not giving up anything, rather he is claiming his rightful inheritance and 'completing' his own Judaism. Second Exodus is a romance with our Shepherd, and Catholic teaching is carefully placed within its Jewish setting li... read more

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Our Fathers Plan Study Guide

God So Loved the World: Clues To Our Transcendent Destiny From The Revelation Of Jesus

Crossing the Tiber: Evangelical Protestants Discover the Historical Church



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