Quick Description
The Loyalty System allows VIP users to gather points via a number of means in order to be rewarded with permanent discounts.

How Points Are Gathered
Primarily, points are gathered via orders*. You receive 1 point for every $1AU spent.
You can also gather points for every review you make (8 points) as well as receiving our email newsletter (5 points).
That is to say 4 reviews will get you 28 points, and each and every newsletter sent to your inbox will give you 5. If you have received 4 newsletters, you will have been awarded with 20 points.

Bonus Points:
1. Some items, such as the Fidelity, will give you bonus points. While the Fidelity would normally get you 33 ($33) points, you are awarded 100 points for each order. That's the euqivalent of spending $100.
2. Ordering an item from our email newsletter within two weeks of when it was sent will reward you twice the usual points. For example, a $20 item would usually be 20 points, but it if was recently advertised within our email newsletter, you will receive 40 points for that item. Such bonuses are only rewarded to VIP users who are subscribed to our email newsletter. You will receive the bonus regardless if you add the item to cart from the newsletter or the website.
3. Reviewing an item is usually worth 8 points, but if you previously ordered that item over our site (while you were signed in as a VIP user), you will receive 20 points.

How Points Are Used
The shortest explanation is that 100 points = 1% discount on a category of your choice. They can be spent within the VIP Area.

You may discount any category up to a soft limit of 10%. Once that discount amount is reached, each 1% afterwards becomes harder to acquire. Rising your discount from 10% to 11% requires 200 points. 11% to 12% requires 300 points. And so on and so forth. The hard limit (maximum) you can discount a category is 20%. Please note that these limits are per category, and doesn't mean discounts for another category will be harder if it isn't discounted by 10% yet.

What if an item I'm interested in is in the wrong category/doesn't have a category?
If you find an item with no category or appears to be in the wrong category, feel free to contact us at shop@fidelitybooks.com.au and we will attempt to rectify any problems so you may receive discounts on all the items you should.

What happens if a category I've discounted gets removed or changed?
If a category disappears which you already had discounts on, the points will be automatically returned to you within 24h so you may spend them on another category.

Do discounts stack (eg an item already discounted... does it add to your discount)?
No. If an item is already discounted, your discount will not add to it. Rather, you will receive which ever discount is the highest.
The same goes for bonus points.

Important Points...
1. *Please note that postage costs do not add to loyalty points.
2. You can only spend your points once they reach 100 or above.
3. Spent points are fixed.
4. All loyalty points and discounts are only valid over our site and not within our store.
5. The current point system may modify in the future, but your discounts will be retained.