Our Lady of Guadalupe - And the Conquest of Darkness
Carroll, Warren H

Our Lady of Guadalupe - And the Conquest of Darkness
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The amazing true story of how God rescued an entire nation from slavery to the Devil

These pages give you an accurate, absorbing record of one of the greatest miracles of grace in all of human history; the appearance of our Lady of Guadalupe and the subsequent conversion of nine million Aztecs.

The Aztecs of Mexico were hardly the pristine innocents of modern multiculturalist myth — in fact, they practiced the most formalized and institutionalized form of Satanism that the world has ever seen, cruelly sacrificing thousands upon thousands of men, women, and children to their bloodthirsty serpent idols.

But our Lord did not abandon the Aztecs to their sins. Instead, He worked a miracle grand enough in scope to overcome the outrageous evil of the human sacrifices; in the course of time, He sent Spanish conquistadors to establish a Catholic presence, and then He sent His own mother to one of the few Aztec converts, Bl. Juan Diego. She gave to Juan a miraculous image of herself and, through it, crushed the demons of the land and effected the conversion of its people.

The renowned Catholic historian Warren Carroll tells the whole amazing story here with deep faith and a keen dramatic flair. You’ll be thrilled at the heroism, daring, and strong Catholicism of the much-maligned conquistadors, and your soul will fill with gratitude as you discover the details of our Lady’s miraculous image and how it brought about the conversion of Mexico. You’ll find comfort as you see how firmly God holds the entire world in His hand.

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