Prayers and Heavenly Promises
Cruz, Joan Carroll

Prayers and Heavenly Promises
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  Item Type: Book
  Publisher: Tan
  Category: Prayer

  Cover Type: Paper Back
  Length: 130
  Published: March 1997
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  ISBN: 9780895553973

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Book Description

A unique little prayerbook of powerful prayers and devotions, including wonderful promises attached that were made by Our Lord or Our Lady, most of which were revealed to various famous Saints. Includes devotions to Our Lady, the Infant Jesus, Precious Blood, Sacred Heart, Divine Mercy, St. Michael, etc. Shows that God wants to grant us favors--if we will just pray!

Customer Reviews

An aid to devotion, interesting, and informative, January 19, 2009
By Ithillion (Indooroopilly, Qld, Australia)

This book, very similar to the ubiquitous Pieta prayer book, is very good, although more expensive than its blue counterpart. It is a work of scholarship, as it contains far more information on prayers and promises, however its binding does leave a little to be desired.

In terms of the devotions covered, almost all of the prayers and promises mentioned in the Pieta are found within the covers of this edition. although a number of the more spurious ones, such as the letter of our Lord or the drawing of our Lady, are not found in it.

Over all, this is a delightful little work, encouraging faith, hope and love of the saints and God.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in expanding their prayer life, and trusting in the promises of God.

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