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BETH - 13D
Stock is Good.
Book (Paper Back) by Faber, Fr FW - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Fr. Faber explores the hidden meanings of Our Lord's Incarnation, birth, infancy and early life and expands his theme to a wide-ranging discourse on the entire Catholic Faith from the point of view of... read more

Our Price:   $34.00


CACR - 13C
Stock is Good.
The Creator and Creature
by Faber, Fr FW - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: In The Creator and the Creature, the great Father Faber
scrutinizes the relationship between man and God. He states that this
book is at the "source and origin" of all his other books, because...
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Our Price:   $33.00


GIHol - 14C
Stock is Low.
Growth In Holiness
by Faber, Fr FW - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Typical of Father Faber's keen and probing insight into all matters bearing on true religion, Growth in Holiness
is probably his greatest book. Here he digs deeply into every important
aspect of...
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Our Price:   $29.00


PB - 13B
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The Precious Blood: The Price of Our Salvation
Book (Paper Back) by Faber, Fr FW - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Fr. Faber calls it "the price of our salvation," for Our Lord died from loss of blood. Says, "it is out of the Precious Blood that men draw martyrdoms, vocations, celibacies, austerities, heroic chari... read more

Our Price:   $23.00


Purg-Faber - 18B
Stock is Low.
by Faber, Fr FW - Tan

Featured in Fidelity
Is Purgatory almost like Hell? Or is it a place of peace and even joy? The fa-mous Fr. Faber explains both of these classic Catholic views of Purgatory, bas-ing his discu...
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fotcross - 13D
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The Foot of the Cross
Book by Faber, Fr FW - Tan
Our Price:   $30.00


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