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B&TS/HB - 19E
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The Blood and the Shroud
Book (Hard Back) by Wilson, Ian - Weidenfeld & Nicolson

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Ian Wilson's well-written and intelligent book gives a balanced view of evidence for and against the Shroud of Turin's authenticity (including new finds such as the presence of human blood and DNA on ... read more

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BDA - 19B
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Blood Drenched Altars
by Kelly, Most Rev Francis - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Blood Drenched Altars will be a surprising, if not indeed a shocking
revelation to modern readers. For here is contained the key to
understanding Mexico. Tracing the history of Mexico from its v...
read more

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BRC - 20B
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Blood Red Crescent
Book by Garnett, Henry - Sophia Institute Press
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By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed
by Edward Feser, Joseph M. Besset - Ignatius
Our Price:   $43.00


IBBL - 20E
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I've been bloody lucky
by Dargan,Felicity - Connor Court
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jmjtnm - 9E
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Jesus, Mary & Joseph Novenas
by Stedman, Rev. Fr - Confraternity Precious Blood
Our Price:   $17.50


L&L - 9B
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Liturgy And Laity
by Confraternity of the Precious Blood - Confraternity Precious Blood

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This is a small but powerful book, which offers a series of reflections on the doctrines underlying the Liturgy as outlined in the Constitution on the Liturgy and also contains a wide range of Bible V... read more

Our Price:   $12.50


MDL - 15B
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My Daily Life
Book (Soft Back) by Paone, Anthony J - Confraternity Precious Blood

SHORT DESCRIPTION: A realistic aid for better daily living. Do not expect to read this book as you might read most other books. It is designed to give more than mere information. It offers the reader a broader understan... read more

Our Price:   $9.00


PB - 13B
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The Precious Blood: The Price of Our Salvation
Book (Paper Back) by Faber, Fr FW - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Fr. Faber calls it "the price of our salvation," for Our Lord died from loss of blood. Says, "it is out of the Precious Blood that men draw martyrdoms, vocations, celibacies, austerities, heroic chari... read more

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Special Creation Rediscovered

by Keane, Gerard J
Kolbe Centre

The Holy Shroud: Science Confronts the Imprints

by Volckringer, Jean
Runciman Press

Animal Kingdom: The Wonders of God's Creation

by No Author
Moody Institute of Science

Evolution: Fact or Belief?

by Wilders, Peter
John XXIII Co-op

Holy Shroud

by Cassanelli, Antonio

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