Discerning Your Vocation: A Catholic Guide For Young Adults
Community of the Beatitudes

Discerning Your Vocation: A Catholic Guide For Young Adults
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If you desire to live out a total self-gift for the Lord...
If you are at an age when you have important choices to make which will influence the rest of your life...
If you can't seem to make a decision, out of fear of making the wrong choice...
If you know at the bottom of your heart that the Lord loves you-more than anything in the world - and that He wants your happiness...
If you also desire to find your happiness completely in Him...

Then we have good new for you! If you thought you were the only one, know that you are not alone! Thousands of young Christians are in the same place. This little book will help you see things more clearly. It will give you some tools to help you discern your call, at your own pace. With a little patience, you will be ready to take the plunge and welcome the happiness that God has prepared for you.

About the Author: This book was written by brothers and sisters of the Community of the Beatitudes in Denver Colorado: Fr. Anthony Ariniello, Sr. Emmunuelle Borchardt, and Fa. Nathanael Pujos. All three of them have Master's Degrees in Theology as well as experience in guiding young adults through discernment. The text was also reviewed by two new vocations of their Community, Jenna Pettinger (M.A.) and Jessie Clark.

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