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V/AK - 24B
Stock is Very Low.
Animal Kingdom: The Wonders of God's Creation
VHS Video (Card Cover) by No Author - Moody Institute of Science

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Take an incredible journey through the animal kingdom. Delight in the amazing signature of God found in every pond, field and wilderness.... read more

Our Price:   $10.00


B&TS/HB - 19E
Stock is Low.
The Blood and the Shroud
Book (Hard Back) by Wilson, Ian - Weidenfeld & Nicolson

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Ian Wilson's well-written and intelligent book gives a balanced view of evidence for and against the Shroud of Turin's authenticity (including new finds such as the presence of human blood and DNA on ... read more

Our Price:   $30.00


EOR - 19D
Stock is High.
The Elements of Rhetoric - How to write and speak clearly and persuasively.
by Topping, Ryan NS - Angelico Press
Our Price:   $15.00


V/EV - 24B
Stock is Very Low.
Evolution: Fact or Belief?
VHS Video (Plastic Casing) by Wilders, Peter - John XXIII Co-op

SHORT DESCRIPTION: At Last- an authoritative scientific response to the theory which is subverting Christianity throughout the world.No member of society can claim to have escaped the influence of the Evolution theory. ... read more

Our Price:   $5.00


HSH - 19D
Stock is Very Low.
Holy Shroud
by Cassanelli, Antonio - GRACEWING

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Published 2002. Translated from the Italian by Brian Williams.
The Holy Shroud, or the Shroud of Turin, is the most remarkable of all Christian relics and has been the object of profound devotion f...
read more

Our Price:   $19.00


9858900211 - 19D
Stock is High.
The Holy Shroud: Science Confronts the Imprints
by Volckringer, Jean - Runciman Press
Our Price:   $5.50


SITC - 19E
Stock is Very Low.
Signature in the Cell
by Meyer, Stephen C. - HarperOne

SHORT DESCRIPTION: "A Compelling Case for Intelligent Design Based on Revolutionary Discoveries in Science
In "Signature in the Cell," Stephen Meyer has written the first comprehensive DNA-based argument for intelli...
read more

Our Price:   $35.00


SCRD - 19D
Stock is Good.
Special Creation Rediscovered
by Keane, Gerard J - Kolbe Centre

SHORT DESCRIPTION: What should Catholic adults and children be taught
about creation or evolution? At issue is not only science but the
spiritual realm which transcends matter. Learn why the Catholic c...
read more

Our Price:   $11.00


SMS - 19D, P-
Stock is High.
The Stigmata And Modern Science
by Carty, Fr C - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The Stigmata and Modern Science. Fascinating accounts of a much misunderstood reality, describing well-known and well documented cases: St. Francis of Assisi, Padre Pio, Therese Neumann, etc. A scient... read more

Our Price:   $5.50


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How the Apostles Wrote the New Testament

by McDonnell, D. J.
John XXIII Co-op

Gospel Cameos 5 - Miracles 2

by Falconer, Fr. V.I., SJ
John XXIII Co-op

The Socialist Trend

by Ford,Patrick
John XXIII Co-op

Paradise Paradigm-Genesis 1, 2 and 3

by Matatics, Gerry
John XXIII Co-op

Religious Liberty and Contraception

by Harrison, Fr Brian
John XXIII Co-op

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