Mary: The Church at the Source
Von Balthasar & Ratzinger

Mary: The Church at the Source
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  Item Type: Book
  Publisher: Ignatius
  Category: Mariology

  Cover Type: Paper Back
  Length: 177 pages
  Published: October 30, 2005
  Dimensions: 8 x 5.3 x 0.6 inches
  Store Location: 12D
  ISBN: 158617018X

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Book Description

Two great theologians endeavor to restore the importance of Marian doctrine and devotion for the contemporary Church by offering a spiritually rich approach to Mariology. This effort brings into new relief the Marian contours of ecclesial faith. Ratzinger and von Balthasar show that Mary is both the embodiment of the Church, and the mother who co-operates in giving birth to the Church in the souls of believers.

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