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Kings and Prophets - 3 of 5 Video Cassette
VHS Video
The Oxford Vision Children's Video Bible is unique. It has been specially produced to bring alove favorite Bible stories in a refreshing and absorbing way. Each story is based upon a book from The Lion Story Bible and lasts approximately 5 minutes. Simply told and richly illustrated with the original text and drawings, making ideal viewing for young children.Start collecting the whole series of 5 ... read more

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What To Do When Life Doesn't Make Sense - 2 part Video set Fr. Benedict Groeschel
by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J
Why do bad things happen to good people? Why is there so much suffering in the world? These are questions we all ask, and everyone is touched by the mystery of suffering in their lives. The believer has the tools to deal effectively with these times of darkness, even without understanding what's going on. Fololowing the path laid out by Our Lord Himself, we can all learn from His example and go on... read more

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Do This in Memory of Me Video Cassette

The Grand Canyon Catastrophe: New Evidence of the Genesis Flood Video Cassette

The Story of Ruth VHS Video Cassette

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Fr Paul Marx Video cassette - The Church's Teaching on Life : Prophetic or Outdated
VHS Video
You are the apostle of life . . . you have lots of experience, you are doing the most important work on earth." - John Paul II on Fr Paul Marx and Human Life International"The Pro-Life movement is filled with great men and women. Fr Marx is one of the greatest . . . He is the best informed person I know . . . a gold-mine of information to the rest of us." - Bishop Austin Vaughan ... read more

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