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Practical Theology: 350+ Ways Your Mind Can Help You Become A Saint
Book by Kreeft, Peter

Saint Thomas Aquinas has been admired throughout the ages for his
philosophical brilliance and his theological sanity, but author and
professor Peter Kreeft thinks the practical spiritual wisdom of Aquinas
is just as amazing.

In this book, Kreeft brings together 358 useful, everyday insights from Aquinas' masterpiece the Summa Theologiae. He pairs these easily digestibl... read more

Our Price: $43.00

The Moment of Christian Witness
Book by Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Balthasar puts his finger on the precise origin of all those elements in modern Christianity which see the real Jesus Christ as unknowable, the Gospels as merely the confused reflections of later Christians, and Christian tradition as a perpetuation of the mythology. ... read more

Our Price: $30.50

Love Alone Is Credible
Book by Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
In Hans Urs von Balthasar's masterwork, The Glory of the Lord, the great theologian used the term "theological aesthetic" to describe what he believed to be the most accurate method of interpreting the concept of divine love, as opposed to approaches founded on historical or scientific grounds. In this newly translated book, von Balthasar delves deeper into this exploration of what love means, w... read more

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Lord, Who Are You?

In Search of the Sacred: Contributions to an Answer

Moral Theology for Today. 5 Tape Album

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In the Fullness of Faith: On the Centrality of the Distinctively Catholic
Book by Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Virtually every aspect of Catholicism which is controversial within the Church or a stumbling block to non-Catholic Christians is treated in this book. Rather than avoiding what is most glaringly un-modern or what is most criticized by non-Catholics, Balthasar reviews these elements one by one, and shows how they are rooted in the central Christian mysteries and the commonly accepted tradition. Wh... read more

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