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A Blessed Lent: Meditations on the Readings and Prayers of the Mass
by Fr Philip G Bochanski, CO
is a time of spiritual combat for the Christian, to whom the Church
reaches out with support and encouragement, feeding her children with
the Eucharist, Word and Prayer.
on the liturgy of each day and the precious gift of the Prayers over
the People, now restored to the Missal, Fr Bochanski leads us into a
deeper meditation on the meaning of our Lenten Easte... read more

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Abortion - Getting to the Heart of the Matter
by Alton, David & Foley, Martin
Since the passing of the Abortion Act in 1967 in the UK (with the
exception of Northern Ireland) there have been six million abortions.
Even more shocking, the number of abortions in the UK is rising
year-on-year and the age of women seeking abortions is getting younger.
Pragmatism about abortion and a growing disregard for the sanctity of
human life have permeated society to i... read more

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Euthanasia - Getting to the Heart of the Matter
by Alton, David & Foley, Martin
Most people would claim to be against the legalising of euthanasia - intentional killing - and this includes many of no religious belief and the medical profession, which remains overwhelmingly opposed. However, a relentless, sophisticated and deeply manipulative campaign is currently being waged in the UK in order to alter our traditional beliefs and change the law.
This readable and up-to-the... read more

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The Way Of The Cross

Called by Love: Reflections on Discipleship

Large Print Prayer Book

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Declaration on Certain Questions Concerning Sexual Ethics
Pamphlet by SCDF (Cong Doc of the Faith)
From the Introduction:
According to contemporary scientific research, the human person is so profoundly affected by sexuality that it must be considered as one of the factors which give to each individual's life the principal traits that distinguish it. In fact it is from sex that the human person receives the characteristics which, on the biological, psychological and spiritual levels, make th... read more

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