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A History of Political Thought in the English Revolution
Book by Zagorin, Perez
Discusses analytically all the important thinkers and publicists who were active at the time of the great revolution. Zagorin gives particular emphasis to the period 1645-60, when Hobbes, the Leveller leaders, and Winstanley were active. The book also restores to attention other writers who, although influential at the time, have seen been neglected and relates the motives of these men to the unde... read more

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Herbert Spencer and the Limits of the State: The Late Nineteenth-Century Debate Between Individualis
Book by Taylor, Michael
Contains a representative sample of writings by the Individualists and their critics, and also by some leading Victorian politicians who attempted to translate political theories into practical politics. The debates between these thinkers raise some fundamental issues about the nature of liberty and the role and limits of the State that remain with us still. Many present-day concerns, including th... read more

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Hegelian Ethics
Book by Walsh W H
Walsh’s study is based on a comparison of Hegel with Kant. Examining their methods, the scope of their ethical theories, and their views as to the content of ethics, he concludes that, while Hegel worked with a moral psychology very different from Kant’s, his ethical theory should not be dismissed for that reason. Walsh explains how Hegel sought in his own ethical theory to overcome the deficienci... read more

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