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On Order (De Ordine)
by Saint Augustine, Silvano Barruso, trans., ed.
It is debatable whether the disorder gripping the world at the beginning of the third millennium is greater than that depicted in On Order, the first book of the newly converted St. Augustine in 386.

In the matter of civil disturbances Augustine mentions a riot in which his mother Monica had actually taken part not long before. She had spent days and nights singing and praying in the cathed... read more

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Ockham's Theory of Terms: Part I of the Summa Logicae
by Freddoso, Alfred J
William of Ockham, the most prestigious philosopher of the fourteenth
century, was a late Scholastic thinker who is regarded as the founder of
Nominalism – the school of thought that denies that universals have any
reality apart from the individual things signified by the universal or
general term. Ockham’s Summa Logicae was intended as a basic
text in philosophy, but its origi... read more

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Ludwig Wittgenstein: Philosophy and Language (Wittgenstein Studies)
Book by Ambrose, A & Lazerowitz, M
Wittgenstein put a linguistic light on philosophy which could afterwards never be ignored. In this anthology of essays the contributors attempt to elucidate and critically assess Wittgenstein's reflections on a number of important problems.
It includes essays by John Wisdom, Theodore Redpath, George Pitcher and Morris Lazerowitz.... read more

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