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Descartes's Rules for Direction of the Mind
by Joachim, Harold H
A critical examination of the main rules for the direction of the mind and the expositions by which Descartes explains them, this work contains commentary on five main topics: the power of knowing, the nature of the intellect, Descartes' account of induction and deduction, Descartes' method of analysis and synthesis, and the notion of vera mathesis. Joachim then goes on to criticize Descartes' met... read more

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Current Issues in Idealism
by Coates, Paul & Hutto, Daniel
Edited and introduced by Paul Coates and Daniel D. Hutto (both of University of Hertfordshire) Focussed on the idealist/realist dispute, contributors also discuss the relation of idealism to ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology. The volume also deals with the distinctions between ontological and conceptual forms of idealism, the place of idealism within the analytic tradition of philosophy, and t... read more

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Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics pb
Book by St Thomas Aquinas
Of all Thomas Aquinas' Commentaries on Aristotle, that on the Metaphysics is in many ways the most intriguing. For most of the twentieth century, Aristotelian studies were governed by the claim of philologists that the Metaphysics is a compilation of disparate materials, probably made by someone after Aristotle, and that the order of the books cannot be taken to represent any literary unity. Indee... read more

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