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Pray, Hope and Don't Worry 2: True Stories of Padre Pio
Book by Allen, Diane
This is Diane Allen’s second book on the saint who has often been referred to as ‘the greatest mystic of the 20th century.’

“When I read Pray, Hope, and Don't Worry: True Stories of Padre Pio Book I, the result was my return to the Catholic Church and my resignation from a California-based cult that has snared so many good souls who only wanted to find God but who found evil instead. The go... read more

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Love Peace and Joy: Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus According to Saint Gertrude
by Prevot, Andre
Based on the actual words of Our Lord to St. Gertrude as recorded in her famous Revelations. Shows little-known ways to gain great graces quickly and advance rapidly in divine love, especially by placing all of our own prayers in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, that they might be perfected and made more pleasing thereby.... read more

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Splendour in the Ordinary
by Howard, Thomas
Thomas Howard insists that every room of your house — the living room,
the kitchen, the bedroom, and even the bathroom — is a holy place where
God’s grace awaits you, if only you know how to recognize His presence
there. With a rich appreciation for the glories of God’s
all-encompassing love, Howard shows you how to find Him in Splendor in
the Ordinary. This beautifully w... read more

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Sermons of the Cure of Ars

Searching For And Maintaining Peace: A Small Treatise On Peace Of Heart

When Did We See You Lord?

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Streams Of Grace
by Porteous, Bishop Julian
Streams of Grace, explores the history of the Church by considering the various spiritual movements which have revitalised the Church at particular times and given fresh vigour to its life and mission.Bishop Porteous argues that the heart of the many and varied spiritual movements that have shaped the Catholic Church is the mysterious activity of the Holy Spirit. Often the Spirit has acted in surp... read more

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