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Self Abandonment to Divine Providence
by Caussade, J P de
Fr. Caussade’s Self Abandonment to Divine Providence is a book
for all those who in the words of St. Benedict, “Truly seek God”. Fr.
Caussades’s spiritual teaching was derived from two extremely pure
sources, St. Francis de Sales and St. John of the Cross. Another source
of influence on Caussade were his penitents, the Nuns of the Visitation.Fr.
Caussade effectively synthesizes both... read more

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A Treasury of Wisdom: The Words of Jesus
The words of Jesus of Nazareth continue to amaze, confound and inspire listeners as they did two thousand years ago. They resonate down the centuries, poetic in their simplicity, challenging in their meaning, uncompromising in their authority. Whether Jesus was describing the kingdom of Heaven, stripping away worn-out conventions or defining love and forgiveness, he chose direct, down-to-earth lan... read more

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The Soul Sanctified - Catholic Wisdom on the Way of Salvation
Based on Sacred Scripture and the writings of the Saints, The Soul Sanctified consists of over 90 short meditational chapters--of 2 to 5 pages each--on the eternal truths of the Faith we all should keep before our minds during our pilgrimage through life. Written purposely to be picked up at any time and to be read at any place that interests the reader, the book is unique in its character of bein... read more

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John Henry Newman: A Developing Spirituality

Saint Teresa: The Way of Perfection

Daily Journal St Therese

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Why Bad Things Happen to Good Catholics: And Other Mysteries of God's Love and Providence - Explained!
Book by Morice, Henri

Why you should keep trusting in God even when it all seems to go wrong

Here are straightforward and faithfully Catholic answers to questions that have vexed souls and troubled believers for centuries- if God is all good, why does He allow evil? Why do even those who devote their lives to pleasing Him meet with setbacks and disasters?
How to see God’s loving Hand in everything you... read more

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