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Simon Called Peter
by Lepori, Dom M-G
Simon Peter, the fisherman who was both attracted to Jesus and repelled
by his own weakness, who in faith walked on the water and in fear began
to sink; the ardent disciple who promised to die for His
Lord and then moments later betrayed Him, who needed to reaffirm his yes
to God over and over again, even unto a martyr's death: Is this not a
model for many of us who desire to l... read more

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The Book of Books: The Old Testament Retold
by Daniel-Rops, Henri

"There is in this world a wonderful book which no one has
ever tired of reading. Whether you are old or young, rich or poor, you may be
sure that when you open it, you will find thoughts in it that fit your mood. It
is a book for all the hours of your life. This book is called the Bible, which means in Greek 'the
Book of Books,' the book that exceeds all others and contains... read more

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The Consuming Fire
by Duggan, Rev Michael

"When we read the Hebrew Bible, we listen to a conversation that lasted more than a millennium.... The biblical conversation centers on essential themes of God's revelation and the community's response.... Each book sometimes each part of a book has its own voice. Just as a good listener respects the uniqueness of each speaker, so the good reader of the Bible discerns the unique contribution ... read more

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Jesus of Nazareth III: The Infancy Narratives (large print)

Search the Scriptures: A Catholic - Protestant Debate

The Book of Life - The New Testament Retold



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