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Saint Pope John Paul II
by Winkler, Fr Jude
This children's book on one of the most beloved Popes in the history of
the Church begins with his birth near Krakow, Poland. It covers many
significant events in his life prior to his election as Pope in 1978 as
well as important contributions and events during his papacy. Beautiful
new illustrations capture many key moments in his extraordinary life.... read more

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The Man Who Founded California - The Life of Saint Junipero Serra
by Couve de Murville, M N
This work is a popular but thorough biography of St. Junipero Serra (1713-1784), the tireless Franciscan missionary who came to California in the eighteenth century to evangelize the Native Americans. Well known for the historic missions that he helped establish all along the coast from San Diego to San Francisco (21 in all), Father Serra is even recognized by the secular society of the United Sta... read more

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Stories About John Paul II
by Redzioch, Wlodzimierz
Since 2015 has been deemed the Year of the Consecrated Life by Pope Francis, this work by Cardinal Arinze is a very timely one-for this year, and for any time. A reflection on the consecrated life, Radical Discipleship represents a beautiful way for faithful Catholics to participate in this Church-wide theme and celebration by coming to a deeper understanding of the consecrated life.
Radical Di... read more

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John Bosco

Teresa of Avila

Butlers Lives of Saints 3SB

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The Art of Saints
by Beckett, Sister Wendy
There have been countless depictions of the Christian saints by artists
through the centuries. In this beautiful book, Sister Wendy Beckett
offers us a selection of saints, some well known, others far less so.
The works of art she has chosen dating from the fifteenth century to
the present day give us an insight into the lives of these holy men
and women as seen by a wide v... read more

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