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Called By Name: The Inspiring Stories of 12 Men Who Became Catholic Priests
by Mugridge, Dr Christine Anne; Usher, Jerry

Catholic priests communicate the glory of heaven
through the ministry of the word and the sacraments, especially in the
Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the source and summit of our Faith. By
fulfilling this mission, these men truly become an alter Christus - another Christ.

In this intriguing look at the awesome call to the priesthood, you
will experience firs... read more

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Forth and Abroad: Still Merry, On Land and by Sea
Book by Francis Mother Mary
A sequel to "A Right To Be Merry". Following up her very popular book about the happiness of the contemplative life, A Right to be Merry, Mother Mary Francis tells the story of how a cloistered Poor Clare Community, wholly content to stay where it was, has been called forth by God to go abroad and found or restore five more contemplative communities. In her own charming way, she relates the stor... read more

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Radical Discipleship
by Arinze,Cardinal Francis
Since 2015 has been deemed the Year of the Consecrated Life by Pope Francis, this work by Cardinal Arinze is a very timely one-for this year, and for any time. A reflection on the consecrated life, Radical Discipleship represents a beautiful way for faithful Catholics to participate in this Church-wide theme and celebration by coming to a deeper understanding of the consecrated life.
Radical Di... read more

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The 'Catholic Update' Guide to Vocations

Priestly Celibacy

Sacred Heart And The Priesthood

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Holy Thursday
by Mauriac, Francois
Holy words to melt the hardest of hearts . . . and show you Jesus, waiting patiently for you in the tabernacle of your nearest Catholic church Here's a book to lead you directly to Jesus, physically present in the tabernacle of the church down the street from you living there now as God and man! Learn why millions of souls believe that Jesus is physically present in their local church, and dis... read more

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