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Discussions of Wittgenstein
by Rhees, Rush
A student and close friend of Wittgenstein, Rush Rhees works out in these discussions what he learned from Wittgenstein's personal teaching and from study of his published and unpublished writings. It includes review articles of books on Wittgenstein and independent discussions of special points of Wittgenstein's philosophy.

`This book is worth reading for both the presentation of basic ap... read more

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The Development of Mathematical Logic
Book by Nidditch, P H
This is a clear and straightforward summary of the history of formal logic from the time of Aristotle to that of . Nidditch discusses the four main trends at the root of modern logic: Aristotle's theory of the syllogism; the idea of a universal language; the idea of the parts of mathematics forming deductive systems; and the discoveries in mathematics in the early nineteenth century. He goes on to... read more

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Descartes's Rules for Direction of the Mind
by Joachim, Harold H
A critical examination of the main rules for the direction of the mind and the expositions by which Descartes explains them, this work contains commentary on five main topics: the power of knowing, the nature of the intellect, Descartes' account of induction and deduction, Descartes' method of analysis and synthesis, and the notion of vera mathesis. Joachim then goes on to criticize Descartes' met... read more

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The Unconscious - A Conceptual Analysis

Nihilism: A Philosophical Essay

Enthusiasm and Divine Madness: On the Platonic Dialogue Phaedrus



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