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St Michael and the Angels
by No Author
St. Michael and the Angels is a beautiful and inspiring book telling
all about the angels. Filled with stories from the lives and writings
of the saints, it tells of the role which the good angels play in the
divine economy of saving souls. Led by St. Michael, the Prince of the
heavenly host, the angels act as our guardians, serve as messengers
from God to us and from us to God, sur... read more

Our Price: $23.00

The Guardian Angels Our Heavenly Companions
Booklet by No Author
This little book reveals one of God's greatest "secrets"--how He governs the world by assigning an Angel to watch over each person, diocese, town, parish, etc. It explains how these blessed spirits protect souls and bodies in ways both miraculous and ̉ordinary. Drawing from Scripture, Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and lives and writings of Saints, this book shows how the Angels accompany us... read more

Our Price: $5.00

The Prophecies of St. Malachy
Book by No Author
The short; cryptic prophecies of St. Malachy; the Primate of Ireland; made circa 1140 while on a visit at Rome; about each Pope from his time till the End of Time--all based on visions he had at the time. From what we know of recent Popes; these prophecies are accurate; based on interior evidence alone. What is so very sobering is the fact there are only 2 Popes left after Pope John Paul II.... read more

Our Price: $17.50


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Rite of Baptism (Participation Booklet)

Veggie Tales: The Star of Christmas VHS Video Cassette



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