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Christ's New Homeland: Africa
by Sarah, Card. Robert
In June of 2015, five cardinals and forty-five bishops representing fifty African countries met in Accra, Ghana, to prepare for the October 2015 Synod on the Family.
In his opening remarks—included in this volume—Robert Cardinal Sarah encouraged the bishops of Africa to "speak with one voice" during the synod:
"I encourage you to speak with clarity and with one credible voice and with fil... read more

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Husband and Wife: The Joys, Sorrows and Glories of Married Life
Book by Wickens, Paul
The Bible says, "male and female he created them." (Gen. 1;28). Expounding on the theme that marriage is an institution and a Sacrament created by God, Fr. Wickens outlines the principles of Catholic marriage in a succinct yet dignified and insightful manner that will both tickle the reader's funny bone and soberly enlighten and inspire him with the reasonableness, practicality and holy purpose ... read more

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Good News About Sex & Marriage
by West, Christopher
"The greatest gifts of God are also those most fiercely assailed. In this spirited defence of marriage and exuality, Christopher West takes on all challenges, and makes the case for the Catholic understanding of these contentious issues. The result is a celebration of sex, marriage and family in an age which has trouble with all three." Bill Muehlenberg
"Christopher West has done an outsta... read more

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When Divorce is Not an Option: How To Heal Your Marriage And Nurture Lasting Love

Love without Limits

Maybe 'I Do'



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