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Life Issues - Medical Choices
by Smith&Kaczor
Professor Janet Smith and Christopher Kaczor, Ph.D., are well known for their bioethics books, articles, and presentations. Their collaboration here offers guidelines for health care providers and individuals faced with an array of medical-ethical choices. Content is based on fundamental principles of Church teaching, where available, and on the thinking of moral theologians in areas of developing... read more

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When Your Baby Dies
by Gamino&Cooney
The experience of a miscarriage or a stillbirth is confusing and distressing. When Your Baby Dies offers honest and practical guidance for parents and other family members. Author Louis A Gamino and Ann Taylor Cooney draw on their experiences to provide gentle insights into the grief process, mourning, and moving on.... read more

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Booklet by Watt, Helen
This booklet examines the many situations in which recourse to abortion is made, and describes the different methods of abortion. It explains in clear and accessible language Catholic Church teaching about abortion. Reference is made to Scripture and to recent key teaching documents. The many 'non-religious' arguments against abortion are also explained in full. A final section on how we should re... read more

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CTS Explanations - Gene Therapy


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CTS Explanations - Cloning And Stem Cell Research
by McCarthy, Anthony
The teaching of the Catholic Church regarding human cloning is closely
linked to her teaching on the sanctity of life, the status of the embryo and the
meaning of sex and marriage. It addresses the tensions between the relief of the
suffering - which can be sought in good or bad ways - and respect for every human
being. Anthony McCarthy sets out the scientific background to cloning, ex... read more

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