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Unaborted Socrates
Book by Kreeft, Peter

Is abortion a woman's right? When does human life begin? Should we legislate morality? What would happen if the Socrates of old suddenly appeared in modern Athens?

Peter Kreeft imagines the dialogue that might ensue with three worthy opponents--a doctor, a philosopher and a psychologist--about the arguments surrounding abortion. Kreeft uses Socratic technique to strip away the... read more

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Redeeming Grief
by Lastman,Anne
Redeeming Grief is a reflection and study of abortion grief, which is experienced by some women who choose to undergo this elective procedure. These reflections are the result of listening to over 1000 personal stories listening to the expressions used by the women they spoke about their decision to abort the life their child. These reflections then attempt reconstruct the meaning that this proced... read more

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by Johnson, Abby


"My story is not a comfortable one to read. I think it's only fair to warn you of that up front. Not comfortable, but honest and true. As you are about to discover, I've spent years on the front lines of the face-off between pro-choice and pro-life advocates. Which side? Both sides.
Abby Johnson quit her job in October 2009. That simple act becam... read more

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Euthanasia - Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Stand Up Girl

A Little Book of Consolation

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CTS Explanations - Cloning And Stem Cell Research
by McCarthy, Anthony
The teaching of the Catholic Church regarding human cloning is closely
linked to her teaching on the sanctity of life, the status of the embryo and the
meaning of sex and marriage. It addresses the tensions between the relief of the
suffering - which can be sought in good or bad ways - and respect for every human
being. Anthony McCarthy sets out the scientific background to cloning, ex... read more

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