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Redeeming Grief
by Lastman,Anne
Redeeming Grief is a reflection and study of abortion grief, which is experienced by some women who choose to undergo this elective procedure. These reflections are the result of listening to over 1000 personal stories listening to the expressions used by the women they spoke about their decision to abort the life their child. These reflections then attempt reconstruct the meaning that this proced... read more

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by Sutton, Agneta
As infertility rates among couples increase so do the lengths to which people will go to have children. In this booklet Agneta Sutton looks at the Church's teaching in the area of medically assisted conception, exploring the effects of modern treatments on the couple and the child.CTS Explanations is a series explaining in everyday language Catholic
teaching on a range of current pressing moral... read more

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Healing the Culture: A Commonsense Philosophy of Happiness, Freedom and the Life Issues
Book by Spitzer, Robert
Healing the Culture presents the most comprehensive philosophy of the pro-life movement in print today. This book changes the discusiion on abortion and euthanasia by linking these issues with the philosophical underpinnings of our culture and the principles and values through which we live. More than an explanation of the life issues, this book presents a course in philosophy and a guide to enhan... read more

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Common Ground?

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Beyond Abortion - A Chronicle of Fetal Experimentation

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Abortifacient Contraception: The Pharmeceutical Holocaust
Book by Ehmann, Rudolf
From the Introduction:It is impossible to simultaneously believe in the sanctity of human life and the right to contracept. As surely as night follows day, the contraceptive mentality always leads to abortion. I have travelled to 85 countries and I can testify that once a nation allows contraception, it is only a matter of time until abortion is legalized. But what most people refuse to acknowled... read more

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