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Gospel Cameos 5 - Miracles 2
by Falconer, Fr. V.I., SJ
In these cameos, the characters tell their stories in the first person. Each story is approximately fifteen minutes' duration.
On this CD:
1: Simon the Leper
2: The Blind Beggar
3: The Man at the Probactic Pool
4: The Man with Dropsy
5: The Man with the Withered Hand... read more

Our Price: $5.50

New Church or True Church
Book by Gilchrist, Michael
Michael Gilchrist, author of the controversial best-seller, Rome or the Bush, has produced another thought-provoking study of contemporary Australian Catholicism.Inspired by Pope John Paul II's 1986 visit to Australia, New Church or True Church challenges readers to choose between a false, wordly "new church" and the 2000 years old True Church of Christ led by the present Pope. ... read more

Our Price: $12.00

The Socialist Trend
Book by Ford,Patrick
Patrick Ford, parish priest at Our Lady Start of the Sea, Watsons Bay, N.S.W., taught the content of the papal social encyclicals at seminaries in the Archdiocese of Sydney.His best known work, Cardinal Moran and the A.L.P., was published in 1966 by Melbourne University Press. In a well documented political history, Fr. Ford traced the growth of Cardinal Moran's opposition to the rise of Socialist... read more

Our Price: $13.20


The Reformation Crisis in Europe and England

Search the Scriptures: A Catholic - Protestant Debate

Evolution: Fact or Belief?



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