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Papists, Spaniards & Other Strangers
by D'Abrera, Bella W
Continuing in the second volume of her Revisiting History series, Bella Wyborn d'Abrera treats the second phase of religious turmoil in Tudor England.In Papists, Spaniards And Other Strangers, the author presents meticulously researched and documented accounts of the short and violent reign of the boy-king, Edward VI, and the struggles between the contending survivors for the throne of England. Th... read more

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Catechisms and Controversies: Religious Education in the Postconciliar Years
by Wrenn, Msgr M
Wrenn, an expert in the field of religious education, provides an overview of the difficulties in the field of religious education since the Second Vatican Council. This work reveals a number of the selective interpretations of religious education documents issued by the Holy See or the Bishops of the United States, and gives a critique and analysis of the Woodstock Symposium on the Catechism for ... read more

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William Wardell
by Evans, A G
Born into lowly circumstances in Londonís East End in 1823, Wardell became one of Australiaís greatest architects. As well as being a leading exponent of Gothic Revival architecture of the 19th century, he served for a period as Chief Architect in the Victorian Public Works Department where he stamped his character and his high standards on many of Melbourneís best-loved public buildings including... read more

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William The Conqueror

The Shed That Fed A Million Children

Bible History Workbook

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History of Christendom Vol. 4 - The Cleaving of Christendom
Book by Carroll, Warren H
The Cleaving of ChristendomWarren H. Carroll holds his Ph.D. in history from Columbia University and is Chairman of the History Department at Christendom College, which he founded in 1977, serving as its President until 1985. Since 1975 he has been at work on a six-volume history of Christendom, of which the first volume, The Founding of Christendom, was published in 1985, the second volume, The B... read more

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