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Characters of the Inquisition
Book by Walsh William Thomas
This famous historian has laid to rest the standard myths accepted by most people today. For example, the lie that the Inquisition was ruthless and unjust, that it sent thousands to merciless torture and undeserved death, and that it was administered by unbalanced and sinister minds. To settle this matter and to set forth the facts about the Inquisition, the author has drawn for us a detailed hist... read more

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The Continuity of Religion
Book by Bossuet, Bishop
Christian Faith alone can explain adequately and clearly the unity and continuity of history; for, without a belief in God's Providence ruling the world and the affairs of mankind, the meaning of the past will ever elude the mind and heart of man. Robbed of supernatural implications, human progress will never be understood; and it is to the sincere observer of the changeless laws prevailing his Co... read more

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Christ the King, Lord of History: A Catholic World History from Ancient to Modern Times
Book by Carroll, Anne W
A fast-paced, enjoyable, highly readable, fascinating, interesting Catholic world history for high schools and adult reading. Covers largely Western world history from a Catholic viewpoint. Just flows and flows, with one interesting episode after another of our glorious history; one captivating historical personage after another. Unabashedly proud of our Catholic heritage. This book makes the Chur... read more

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Old World And America

Three Kings, Ten Mysteries: The Secrets of Christmas

Characters of the Reformation

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This Sainted Queen
by D'Abrera, Bella W
*This book is the third in Bella D'Abrera's historical
trilogy, with the preceding volumes, 'The King With A Pope In His Belly' and
'Papists, Spaniards And Other Strangers' also available from Fidelity Books.*Bella d’Abrera is a London-based historian with specialist
expertise in the history of the Catholic Church, the relationship between Church
and State, and religious dissent in soc... read more

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