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Purgatory: Explained By The Lives And Legends Of The Saints
by Schouppe, Fr F X
Not only is the basic teaching of the Church given here, but also
countless true stories of apparitions and revelations on Purgatory from
the lives of St. Margaret Mary, St. Gertrude, St. Bridget of Sweden, the
Cure of Ars, St. Lidwina of Schiedam, etc.
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30 Days For The Holy Souls: Stories about Purgatory & What They Reveal
Book by An Ursuline of Sligo
This book was written to engrave on the minds and hearts of its readers an indelible understanding about Purgatory—first, that it exists; second, that the souls detained there are suffering and in need of our prayers and sacrifices, and third, that we ourselves should strive mightily to avoid Purgatory. This book will confirm in the reader’s heart a healthy and holy respect for the sufferings endu... read more

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The Happiness of Heaven: The Joys and Rewards of Eternal Glory
Book by Boudreau, Fr J SJ
Shows how the joys of Heaven stem from the direct vision of God--the joys of the heart; of the mind; of physical beauty; of the senses; of friendship; and of perfect love of God. Tells of the magnificent variety in Heaven. How Mary Magdalen's glory exceeds that of many innocent souls; etc. Explains that a high degree of glory in Heaven is within the reach of all baptized souls; however poor; ignor... read more

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Life After Death: The Evidence

Heaven - The Heart's Deepest Longing

The Biblical Basis For Purgatory



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