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Hell and Other Destinations: A Novelist's Reflections on This World and the Next
Book by Read, Piers Paul
The famous British novelist and playwright Piers Paul Read presents his lively, thought-provoking reflections on wide ranging spiritual topics with his usual brilliance and insight. When this best-selling writer turns his attention to a subject he holds most dear, his Catholic Faith, as well as to religious and cultural issues of our times, he provokes delight and inspiration, as well as some fury... read more

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Life Everlasting: A Theological Treatise on the Four Last Things
Book by Garrigou-Lagrange, Fr Reginald
A serious, theological treatise on the Four Last Things - Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell - but purposely written for the average reader. Shows the exalted "immensity" of the human soul and that only possession of God in the Beatific Vision can completely satisfy man's desires. The author touches on many theological aspects that bear fruit on our final end - the roots of vice and virtue, the gr... read more

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The Biblical Basis For Purgatory
by Salza,John
taught us about it, and for centuries the Church has faithfully defined
and defended it. Protestants deny it even exists, while many Catholics
fundamentally misunderstand it. It is Purgatory: that place of
purifying penance where souls saved by Christ are made perfect and
acceptable to spend life eternal in heaven. In The Biblical
Basis for Purgatory, author and apologist... read more

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Life After Death: The Evidence

Hungry Souls

Purgatory: Explained By The Lives And Legends Of The Saints

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Heaven Hell & Purgatory
Piety by Faustina, Sister
This relatively new 10-page leaflet has been distributed in many parts of the world with incredible conversions. It has been reformatted to highlight the most important and descriptive writings of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory from St. Faustina’s Diary.NOTE ON POSTAGE: Our systems
default to $8 domestic postage for one item with an additional $1.50
for each subsequent item. If, however, you... read more

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