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Streams Of Grace
by Porteous, Bishop Julian
Streams of Grace, explores the history of the Church by considering the various spiritual movements which have revitalised the Church at particular times and given fresh vigour to its life and mission.Bishop Porteous argues that the heart of the many and varied spiritual movements that have shaped the Catholic Church is the mysterious activity of the Holy Spirit. Often the Spirit has acted in surp... read more

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About Bioethics: Caring for People who are Sick or Dying
by Tonti-Filippini, Nicholas

We will all die, but few of us discuss it with those who are important
to us. Many will also be confronted by disability, illness, grief and
loss. How we respond to suffering says much about empathy, love and who we are. There is no doubt many people have
much to endure, but illness and disability are not all doom and gloom,
just different, and calling on us, perhaps, to surren... read more

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Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki: A Guide For Christians
by Sculley, Br Max
Sculley’s definitive critique of Yoga, Tai Chi and Reiki comes with a
timely warning that despite these practices’ surface appeal for helping
fitness, relaxation and health, they are closely linked to underlying
Eastern philosophies that are incompatible with Christianity.Vatican documents, including one authored by the present Pope when he was Cardinal
Ratzinger, have high... read more

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Pure Attraction: a Guide to Human Sexuality

About Bioethics - Philosophical And Theological Approaches

The New Evangelisation

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Wonder of the Eucharist
by Barker, Fr. Ken
The Wonder of the Eucharist is for all Catholics, especially those who want to refresh their personal appreciation of this sacrament. It stimulates us to break out of the routine and formality of ritual practices, and to discover the wonderful treasure of the Eucharist which can transform our lives.
Once again, Fr Ken Barker has drawn on the breadth of the Catholic tradition and his own deep st... read more

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