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Heart Speaks Unto Heart
by Benedict XVI
This complete record of the Pope's words to the people of the United Kingdom, including its six million Roman Catholics, callsfor a new and vital relationship between religion and society and culture, and sets out a bold agenda for the renewal of the Church.... read more

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Benedict XVI
by Hemming, Laurence Paul
The Pope is not only the living guarantor of his own office but also of the unity of the whole Catholic Church. Joseph Ratzinger was, for almost all of John Paul II's papacy, the next most influential figure in the Catholic Church. Experienced, and with a formidable intellect, it is entirely right that he should now serve the Church as Pope, a man trusted and pre-eminent among the Cardinals.
B... read more

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The Early Papacy
Book by Fortescue, Adrian
Adrian Fortescue, a British apologist for the Catholic faith in the early part of the 20th century, wrote this classic of clear exposition on the faith of the early Church in the papacy based upon the writings of the Church fathers until 451. No ultramontanist, Fortescue can be a keen critic of personal failings of various Popes, but he shows through his brilliant assessment of the writings of the... read more

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Christ Our Hope

Memory and Identity: Personal Reflections

The Pope Benedict Code



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