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The Bad Catholic's Guide To The Catechism
by Zmirak, John
Masquerading behind the guise of the old-fashioned Catechism that generations of Catholic school kids in plaid skirts or clip-on ties had to memorize, this candid handbook provides a witty take on the teachings of the Catholic faith. Objections from relativist, New Atheist, dissenting Catholic, and other points of view are featured, with intellectually sound questions and bracingly funny answers. ... read more

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Springtime of Evangelization
Book by John Paul II
The complete texts of Pope John Paul II's 1998 ad limina addresses to the bishops of the United States. Preface by Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, foreword by Fr. Richard John Neuhaus (editor of "First Things" magazine), and edited and introduced by Fr. Thomas D. Williams, L.C.
Topics covered by the Pope included: the ministry of bishops, the role of the laity in the Catholic Church, fre... read more

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To the Church in America
by John Paul II
How does the Church meet the needs of people in North America? In this volume, Pope John Paul II and his immediate predecessors answer the concern of bishops, priests, religious and laity. Each in his own way calls us to:
- a renewed commitment to God's Word- a profound respect and exteem for ethical and religious values- the worth of every human person- the holiness of personal conversion- the... read more

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I Am My Body

Casta Meretrix "The Chaste Whore": An Essay on the Ecclesiology of St. Ambrose

Catholic Thinking



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