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An Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching
Book by Charles, Rodger
This work distills Fr. Rodger Charles' extensive knowledge of the social teaching of the Catholic Church into an introductory outline of its principles. It has been written especially for use as preliminary reading material for those studying the Church's teaching in this area, but will also serve equally well as a general introduction to the ethics of decision making in the civic, political, and ... read more

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Mother Angelica - The Remarkable Story Of A Nun, Her Nerve and a Network of Miracles
by Arroyo, Raymond
In 1981, the year after Ted Turner founded CNN, a simple nun using her entrepreneurial instincts and $200 for seed money, launched what would become the world's largest religious media empire in the garage of a Birmingham, Alabama monastery. Today, EWTN offers twenty-four hours of English and Spanish television programming reaching 105 million viewers around the globe. How did a crippled nun achi... read more

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Criminalisation of Christianity
by Folger, Janet L
"This book makes for scary reading. Even if it were only half true (which I do not think is the case), it would still be very scary reading. The sad truth of the book is that there is a war going on, and those who hold to faith and family values are subject to a relentless and focused attack.
Many of us have been aware of some of the moves to silence believers, to push activist agendas, to sti... read more

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Christianity, Democracy, And The American Ideal

Nothing to Hide: Secrecy, Communication, and Communion in the Catholic Church

For God And Profit: How Banking And Finance Can Serve The Common Good



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