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Rebuild My Church
by Schreck, Alan
Authentic renewal of the Church isn't an issue for the hierarchy alone. Church renewal depends on every Catholic, including you--your personal growth in holiness, your readiness to use the gifts God has given you, your willingness to learn how to discern and support authentic renewal. In straightforward, engaging language, Dr. Schreck examines the meaning and nature of renewal, the challenges and ... read more

Our Price: $33.00

Light and Peace
Book by Quadrupani, B
A handbook for getting to Heaven. 25 short, practical chapters on the basics of spiritual life. Should be read by everyone; especially good for high school students to get them started. Has influenced countless lives.... read more

Our Price: $14.00

Catholic Truths for Our Children - A Guide for Parents
by Armstrong, Patti Maguire
Catholic Truths for our Children is written directly to parents, the primary educators of their children. Using compelling arguments, Scripture and personal insight, this book guides parents through the nuts and bolts of Catholicism. The book is presented on an adult level with suggestions for teaching children. It encourages families to fully embrace and understand the Catholic faith they share.<... read more

Our Price: $19.95


Leaflet: Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy

He Dwells in Your Soul

Heart Of The Christian Life



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