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Words in Pain
Book by Wright, Cardinal John J
We invite you in these meditations to consider less the horrors of Calvary and more its glory. The traditional emphasis on the human sufferings of Calvary seems to be due to the notion that Jesus was somehow defeated, even if only momentarily, on the Cross. He was not - not for one moment. His whole Passion was an unbroken victory of the merciful ingenuity of God over the pathetic malice of men. W... read more

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Saintly Solutions To Life's Common Problems
by Esper, Fr Joseph
Whatever you're struggling with, you're not alone: there's a saint who
is not only praying for you before the throne of God, but who went
through the same thing you're going through. In Saintly Solutions, Fr.
Joseph Esper introduces you to over 350 saints who suffered in ways
that you and I suffer every day, and who will bring you to peace!
Fr. Esper considers over forty of life's c... read more

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Heart Of The Christian Life
by Benedict XVI
"Christ is truly present among us in the Eucharist. His presence is not static. It is a dynamic presence that grasps us, to make us his own, to make us assimilate him. Christ draws us to himself, he makes us come out of ourselves to make us all one with him. In this way he also integrates us in the communities of brothers and sisters, and communion with the Lord is always also communion with our ... read more

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Leaflet: Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy

Mere Christianity

God Love You

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Book by Jebb, Philip
In this rare book of understanding and sympathy for the widowed, Dom Philip Jebb touched on may of the pratical problems that loom large in those early days of widowhood, and can often continue long after. But, more than just a practical guide, the author discusses the issues in the contect of a balanced spiritual background.
This little book is so remarkable that the donor will find in it a w... read more

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