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Catholic and Loving It
by Narendran & Salzmann
You're Catholic and loving
it--but when it comes to celebrating your faith, things get a
little vague. A home altar? Not likely. Sacramentals? Clueless. A
blessing for beer? Never heard of it. Novenas? Parties in honour of
saints? The Angelus? Scapulars? The time has come for a new generation
to reclaim their Catholic heritage, including these and many other
practices and p... read more

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God's on the Phone: Stories of Grace in Action
by Flaherty, Regis J

God, the Great Catechist, works with each of us
individually, teaching us the way we learn best. Many of us receive
spiritual insights though events and stories, and God intends us to
learn from each other. The stories in "Gods on the Phone" will prompt
you to reflect on how God has worked in your own life and inspire you to
become a channel of grace in the lives of other... read more

Our Price: $24.00

My Daily Life
Book by Paone, Anthony J
A realistic aid for better daily living. Do not expect to read this book as you might read most other books. It is designed to give more than mere information. It offers the reader a broader understanding and deeper appreciation of human nature as it operates within him and in those with whom he must deal. It is calculated to enlarge the reader's view of human behavior and strengthen his ability t... read more

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The Meaning of Life: The Catholic Answer

The Temperament God Gave You

The Problem of Pain



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