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New Church or True Church
Book by Gilchrist, Michael
Michael Gilchrist, author of the controversial best-seller, Rome or the Bush, has produced another thought-provoking study of contemporary Australian Catholicism.Inspired by Pope John Paul II's 1986 visit to Australia, New Church or True Church challenges readers to choose between a false, wordly "new church" and the 2000 years old True Church of Christ led by the present Pope. ... read more

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JH Newman A Resource for Today
CD 1 - Newman and Inner Personal life
Dr Thomas Norris: Newman's SpiritualityDr Teresa Iglesias: Newman on our conscience and our cultureChair - Ms Breda O'Brien, Respondent - Dermot Mansfield SJ
CD 2 - Higher Education In Our Culture
Dr Enda McDonagh: Newman, Theology and the UniversityDr Joseph Dunne: Newman and the Educated PersonChair - Dr Linda Hogan, Respondent - Dr Bill Matthews read more

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What the Catholic Faithful Can Do
by Morrissey, Gerard
Let us begin by imagining that you are a Catholic of no special position or influence within the Church. Perhaps you are the mother or father of four or five children. You want to bring your children up so that they love the Catholic religion the way that you loved it. As you consider it, there are really three things that you would like to do: a) deepen your own faith, b) pass on this faith to yo... read more

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In the Midst of Our World: Forces of Spiritual Renewal

Being Catholic: How We Believe

Knowing God's Love: Eight Essential Truths Every Catholic Should Know

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Decline and Fall of the Catholic Church in America
by Carlin, David
Many Catholics blame Vatican II for the woes of the Catholic Church in America. Traditionalists claim that changes in the Mass brought on the decline while liberals say it was caused by failure of the Church to bring its theology in step with the times.
In this groundbreaking study, David Carlin challenges both views. The roots of the crisis in America are not theological, he says; they’re cul... read more

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