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What It Means To Be Catholic
by Champlin,Mgr Joseph M.
In this beautifully illustrated and photographed book, best-selling author Msgr. Joseph Champlin explores the major teachings and observances of the Catholic tradition: history, worship, prayer, sacraments, faith, moral issues, community and more. Each of the 12 chapters opens with a true story that highlights a common challenge of everyday life. Using these incidents as a springboard, Msgr. Champ... read more

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Twelve Came First
by Ryan, Aileen
Some 127 years ago, a group of twelve FCJ Sisters - Faithful Companions of Jesus - boarded the SS Liguria at Gravesend, England, and set off for Australia.After a voyage of six weeks, the little groip had arrived on 1 June 1882 in the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit. They had travelled in response to requests from Archbishop Goold in Melbourne and Fr Joseph Dalton, the Jesuit Provincial, and w... read more

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Confession of a Roman Catholic
Booklet by Whitcomb, Paul
This booklet, Confession of a Roman Catholic, is one of the most remarkable writings you will ever encounter-and, despite its small size, one of the most momentous and important for our times. This booklet needs to be placed in as many hands as possible and is therefore being made vailable at the lowest possible price for quantity distribution, in order to reach as many people as possible. The iss... read more

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Battle for the American Church

We're on a Mission from God

Catholic Dictionary

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Knowing God's Love: Eight Essential Truths Every Catholic Should Know
Book by John D. Labarbara
If you are confused by the array of conflicting teachings that claim
to be Catholic, or have found the Catechism too difficult to read, then
this book will give you clear, concise, and readable explanations of the
foundational truths for living the Catholic faith.Organized by
topic, LaBarbara has pulled from countless Church documents to present a
timely and compelling synthesi... read more

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