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Lent: Learning To Love Like Jesus
by Finnegan, Fr Sean
Forgiveness, taking stock, suffering, everyday Christianity and preparing for Easter - these are just some of the themes chosen here to accompany us through the weeks of Lent. By thinking deeply about Christ's last words on the Cross, we can learn to engage fully and practically in the challenges of 'true conversion' that lies at the heart of the Easter mystery.... read more

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The Miraculous Medal
by Kerr, Lady Cecil
The Church of the eighteenth century suffered greatly from Jansenism and
the cold teachings of the rationalists. Yet the Blessed Virgin Mary
offered her people a token a medal, with the promise that those who
wore it would receive a shower of graces. Now, almost two hundred years
after the first appearance of the Miraculous Medal, it may not be
inopportune to retell its histo... read more

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The Book of Psalms - Presentation Edition
by God
The psalter is the prayer book of Israel, the treasury of Israel's hopes
and fears, successes and failures, loves and hates. For centuries the
Psalms have provided the material for monastic and priestly prayer, and
in every age have been used to express the prayers of Christians in
moments of crisis or joy. Since the revival of the use of the Liturgy of
the Hours, the 150 psalm... read more

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New Catholic Bible: Compact Edition

Christian Fasting: Disciplining The Body, Awakening The Spirit

Practising the Presence of God with Brother Lawrence

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Gospel According to Luke
Luke's gospel from the Jerusalem Bible translation.Luke's Gospel was written for Christian gentiles of some social
standing. Tradition holds that the evangelist was a doctor and a
companion of Paul and was also the author of the Acts of the Apostles.
Lukes gospel is remarkable for its attention to the birth and early
life of Jesus and contains such important events as the Annuncia... read more

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